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Bright white faces, flashes of colour and low sounds.

It’s like we can’t help it, every chance we get.

Scroll, scroll, scroll.

She’s sleeping, outside.

I envy her.

Eldest on his Gameboy,

Thrap-thrapping on the A and B button.

We sit opposite one another, screens in hand.

Scroll, scroll, scroll. 

Pause.. save or screenshot.

Scroll, scroll, scroll.

My chest feels so heavy.

Alone all day, but only now I feel alone.

Phone flashes words at me, I don’t have the energy to reply.

I decided yesterday to stop giving out my emotional energy and care for free..

I’m doing this alone. 

I sigh and press the phone lock button.

I can hear the woman over the way, hammering wood panels.

I wonder, is her mind steady?

Does she rest easy?

Oldest now in bed,

Netflix on TV.

I try to think of something, anything to say..

The TV booms over me, it’s an effort to speak;

I leave it mid-sentence,

“It doesn’t matter, it’s dumb anyway”.

I shrink back into myself and hug my knees.

Praying for the clock to move faster, so I can close my eyes..

Dream myself away.

Rinse and repeat. 

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